interview : DUBGYMNER

interview by GURUZ
answered by MONDO

Please let me know the circumstances to DUBGYMNER.
始めはなんか二人で作ってみようってところから話が始まって二年越しの結成でしたね。Aronはもともとトラックを量産していたし、僕はbud ryukyu,DJ活動と多忙でしたので二年かかりました。
my project started 2 year with my partner Aron.
He was trackmaker from before.
With BUD RYUKYU,DJ activity, since it was busy, it took 2 year.

Please tell me your material, and live material.
現在はAPC40,NI MACHINEを使ってのライブです、形態はまだまだ実験段階で、ちょうど9月頃に初ライブをやったところです。
Now I use the APC40,NI MASCHINE.
A form is still the experimental stage.
We finished debut live September this years.
We think now,It is just going to consider the style of the interval live of DJ play and Live.
But our ideal is live style.


How do you makin track? please let me know your process to makin track .
Beatから作ることが多いです。それからシンセ弾いて、サンプリングして。形を決めたら構成を考えます。ここまではわりと時間かけずにサクッとやってますね。あとは実際に組み立てながらableton liveで直感的にMIXして大体のラフを作ります。ミックスダウン、プリマスタリングはリリースが決まっているものからやっていって、あとはLiveセット
It makes from Beat in many cases.
in the next, playing synth and sampling, etc...
Composition will be considered if a form is decided.
It can do without spending many hours so far.
It MIX intuitively by ableton live.
A mix down and Premastering are Staring do later.
and It is adjusting for a Live set.

I think so your project feel techno aproach.
please let me know directivity to aim at DUBGYMNER.
DUBSTEPというキーワードを持っていますが、もともと二人とも音楽性は幅広いので、DUBSTEPでBASSを扱えるようになってさらにTechno/Hip Hop/Abstract/Ambientを通過しながら新しい音楽を目指して行ければと思います。DUBGYMNER自体は映像の世界やアート、いろんなものを吸収して良いものを作って行きたいので編成はこれからもどんどん移り変わって行く可能性はあります。その為にいろんなジャンルの音楽とのコラボを予定してます。ハードコアバンドとの共作を出したのもその為です。良いコラボレーションが出来ました。
We have keyword the Dubstep.
but we had more other music's back borns.
for example, Techno/Hip Hop/Abstract/Ambient...
I hope to aim at new music, passing these.
DUBGYMNER organization changes from now on and may go, because we wanna make new good music, various things are absorbed.
Therefore, fusion to the music of various genres is planned.
it also took out make with a hard core band.
its a good collabolation, i think so.

Okinawa's Hardcore Band [ INFOREST ] include DUBGYMNER remix

What do you think okinawa's music scene?
bud ryukyuというPartyを沖縄でやっています。来てくれるお客さんのパワーが凄いし、人もすばらしくて、とても楽しく安全にやれている今に感謝しています。
very interesting !
Much overseas and DJ outside the prefecture are also playing in Okinawa's party.
peple have a good vybes.
I appreciate the now which can be being done safely very happily.
I glad to all visitor.

He called MALA in Okinawa


How do you think Japanese Dubstep scene?
しばらく沖縄県内にいて頻繁に外に出ている訳でもないので現場に関してはなんとも言えませんが、今回の1st Ascentionの内容を聴いてとても衝撃を受けましたね。DUBSTEPのムーブメントが日本で起きてから5〜6年経つでしょうか、その頃から追い続けて数年経ち、その頃から共にPartyを続けて来た仲間で今回のようなコンピレーションを完成させることが出来ただけでも十分な高い価値だと思います。多くのDUBSTEPの現場に関わる日本人と共に曲を出し合って、Partyで繋がって、その動きが国内のシーンを担うと思ってるので。
Since it is in Okinawa Prefecture for a while, national is not known.
But The contents of [ 1st Ascention ] were heard and it was shocked very much.
Five to six year has passed since the movement of DUBSTEP broke out in Japan.
I think that it is high value sufficient by the ability of compilation like this time to just have been completed by the friend who has continued Party since the time.
I release a dubstep at home and think that holding a party will bear a domestic scene.

About a future plan.
From the label of Greece, there is a schedule of a release digital EP next year.
and now makin tracks .
The music of the theater is also made now.
I wish to make a favorite sound without genre relations.

Something is a word to the last.
I am looking forward to meeting a friend after a long time in December.
It is pleasure that it can Party together with the artist of other areas.
Thank you .

お知らせ:12月22日[ 1st Ascension ] release party @ 444quadにて、DUBGYMNERが出演します。
沖縄でダブステップパーティBUD RYUKYUを主催するMONDO、そしてARON、2人が生み出すサウンドを乞うご期待。
info : Dubgymner will come to 12/22 [ 1st Ascension ] release party @ 444quad, Saitama.
Don't miss it !!
comin soon more detail.

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